Bio old


I started taking photography when I was almost a child. From the first images I took I was fascinated with what could be TRANSMITTED  through the camera and the ability to rescue what a certain moment or person made me feel.

Over the years, I have been trying all the possible disciplines because each one of them makes me enjoy in a different way, and because I have an incurable curious and restless character that makes me have a lot of fun DISCOVERING.

I put a dedication and absolute care in what I do, I like to get involved in all my projects, take any idea seriously, but without ever losing the joy, the illusion and the THANK YOU  of being able to dedicate myself to what really makes me enjoy and vibrate !

But what really motivates me are PEOPLE . Both in my personal and professional life, I enjoy sharing what I do with others, learning from them, getting excited … that’s why PORTRAIT is my greatest passion.